If you’re a property owner or municipality, Trails4All can help you complete the trail plan or urban-greening project you are envisioning, and help win support for your plan from trail users.

We have been involved in the Orange County Regional Riding and Hiking Trail Advisory Committee since 1990 and the Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee since 2009, giving us an active role in the planning and creation of Southern California’s trails and bikeways for more than two decades.

Trails4All received the 2009 American Planning Association’s Outstanding Grassroots Planning Award from the Orange County and statewide chapters, for the Coyote Creek Trail Master Plan and public outreach.

We’d like to make your project our next success story. Contact us [link to contact us page] to see what we can do for you.

  • Some of our projects include:
  • Coyote Creek Bikeway Master Plan—Brea to Los Alamitos
  • Coyote Creek Bikeway Public Outreach— Brea to Los Alamitos
  • Santiago Oaks Regional Park Post-Fire Trail Restoration Plan— Orange
  • Urban Garden, Magnolia High School—Anaheim